Am I Ready to buy?

Have you spoken with a lender?  If not, contact one of our agents and we can refer you to a reputable lender who can address your specific needs.  There are many local and national lenders who have specialized programs to assist each buyer. 

How do I know if I'm ready?

There are many things to consider when deciding if the time is right for you to purchase a home. Whether you're purchasing your first home, are an experienced buyer or are looking to dive into the World of investment properties, we at Art Russo Realtors are here to help from beginning to end.

-Where do I want to live?

Central Ohio is filled with many great neighborhoods, nationally ranked school systems, great restaurants and activities, accredited colleges and universities, booming social scenes and nightlife, with easy commutes to your workplace, the airport or wherever you may be traveling. With exceptional knowledge of the region, our agents are here to help you decide which areas and neighborhoods are right for you. 

-What are my options in types of properties I can buy?

You have many options.  Central Ohio offers many beautiful single family homes, as well as detached condominiums, low and high rise condominiums, town homes, multi-family homes, commercial properties and more.  Our agents are happy to discuss with you the benefits and liabilities of each type of property ownership. 

-How much can I afford?

Based on your income, assets and debt ratio a lender will be able to provide that information to you.  It's important to speak with a lender at the very beginning of the buying process so that we'll know where to start our search. 

Interest rates also fluctuate.  When rates are lower, you'll be able to afford a higher priced property. Also when calculating your mortgage payments, it's important to know that other costs will be included in those payments in addition to the principal and interest including taxes, home owner's insurance and possibly mortgage insurance.

-Do I have enough money for a down payment?

There are many different types of loans out there.  You can purchase a home with as little as 3.5% down (sometimes 0% down).  In some programs, the down payment may be gifted to you from another party.  

-What's my credit score?  Is it high enough to qualify?

Do you know your credit score?  It's important to talk to a lender regarding this too.  Even if you've had a foreclosure or bankruptcy in the past, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get approved for a loan today.  Different loan programs have various minimum credit score requirements.