Jennifer Krohn


Art Russo Realtors

2831 E. Main St. Columbus, OH 43209

Welcome!  It is my pleasure to help you address any and all of your real estate needs.  

Rich and I work together as a team so you receive two qualified agents for the price of one.  Our diverse backgrounds and knowledge bases allow us to provide you an all-encompassing home buying/selling experience.  We offer our services to all people on the real estate spectrum:                                                                                                                                   -if this is your first transaction, we're happy to thoroughly educate you regarding the entire process.

-if you've been through the process a time or two with other agents (whether successfully or unsuccessfully), we can give you the proper guidance.

-if you're a seasoned buyer/seller, we're your behind the scenes magic-makers wherein we just "get it done" and don't bother you with small issues/problems that may arise.

We also work with many local investors as well-whether they are looking to "flip"properties, purchase/sell rental properties or simply expand their net worth and real estate holdings. 


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We are also always looking for great agents to add to our team.  If you're interested in learning more about becoming a Realtor, please don't hesitate to give either of us a call!


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